Adopting the correct strategy is the backbone of a successful claim or its defence.  We provide strategic guidance that is focused on the provable issues and to prepare documentation that is technically, legally and commercially accurate.

Clients of Nicos M. Elia LLC are provided with an appraisal of their contractual and commercial position at the outset and all the risks and benefits are considered.  The specific claim or defence objectives are established in close collaboration with you aiming for the best outcome.

Our aim is to avoid costly, time consuming and resource sapping, formal dispute resolution methods and for this we ensure that you are in a position to reach an agreement through negotiations.  Should a dispute go to court or arbitration, it is crucial to be fully prepared. To fully protect your best  interests we ensure that all the relevant facts, detail and information are at our fingertips and that everyone involved is appropriately prepared and aware of the relevant facts.