Concise, clear and watertight contracts are essential for the progress of any major construction project.  At Nicos M. Elia LLC, we produce documents that cut to the heart of transactions, clearly allocating risks and responsibilities.

We deal with a full range of procurement and documentation tasks. From drafting project correspondence to negotiating complex agreements, our industry experience – and our extensive experience devising major business deals – means we can save you time and money and safeguard you against possible pitfalls.

Our hands-on experience enables us to understand our clients’ commercial commitments and aims and add maximum value.

We can help with procurement strategies, contract negotiation, document appraisal and risk analysis, partnering and framework agreements, and anything else that would benefit from our specialist attention.

Through full risk and project audits we assess which processes, if any, could be improved and make the appropriate recommendations. We also provide a second opinion, or risk audit, on existing claims or disputes.